Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A new addition to our family

This post is done by Andrew:
Before I get to the new addition I want to say that our computer is having issues. We will be without a home computer till sometime next week. Danette is going into withdrawls being able to only talk to kids for a large amount of the day.

Now on to the news of the addition to our family. On Saturday 12/5/2009 we added 2 people to our family. Well . . . we added two kitties. We couldn't decide on just one so that is why we took 2. Their names are winter and lady.

Winter is peaceful. He is happy sitting all day on your lap.

Lady is fiesty. She likes playing with her claws. If the youngest two come near she has taken to playfully reaching for them as they jump back thinking she will claw them. This has become a necessary precaution for her, despite our attempts to control them. They both like our recliner as when they have had enough they can hide in it and the kids can't get them out.