Thursday, January 20, 2011

Eli is 5 months old.

f Eli is 5 months old.  Time sure is going by fast.  He is laughing and reaching for toys.  He is so close to sitting up all by himself.  He loves to smile.  He doesn't get mad very often, but when he does he gets mad.  At four months old he weighed 16lbs 1oz which put him in the 74% for height and he was 27 inches long which put him in the 97th % for height.

For pictures I am going to put up his four month pictures.  One because I never got around to posting them and 2 the cable that transports the pictures from my camera to my computer is broken.

Are you ready for picture overload.

      I love how he smiles.  As soon as he wakes up, he will smile at the first person he sees.

                                        I love his eyes.  They are going to be brown.

I love his ears.  They are so cute.  
They stick out a little, but that is what I love about them.

                                 I love how he is starting to interact
                                     with his brothers and sister.

I love his cry. 

I love how he is now playing with toys.  

He was four months old around Christmas time.  I wanted to get a picture of him in a Christmas stocking.   We found out Christmas of 2009 that we were going to be having another baby.  He is the best Christmas present ever.