Monday, August 29, 2011

Azalea starts kindergarten

Wow, Azalea I can not believe you are in kindergarten.  I can, but at the same time I can't.  You were the baby that I tried  to get pregnant with for over a year.  You are the baby that I cried and cried over to get you here.  And here we are almost 6 years later.

Now you get to go to school with your brother and sister.  You get to learn many, many things.  You get to make new friends.

The past week has been kind of slow.  Kindergarten starts a week later than the other grades.  Each day last week you would ask if  you got  to go to school today.

Today was your day.

You woke up before any of the other kids.  You got dressed in the new school clothes that Grandma Cameron bought for you.  I did your hair and put in a cute bow in your hair that I had made for you to match your outfit.
You were so excite to start that you ran down the hill on your way to school.  You did not want to wait for anyone.

You are so lucky you get to start kindergarten with your cousin Lily.   Now we know how crazy you two can be together so we asked that you be put in separate classes.  You will be able to see Lily enough I am sure.  

You were so excite to start that you ran down the hill on your way to school.  You did not want to wait for anyone.  

Before school started we ate breakfast at school.   You will be eating breakfast at school all year long.  You will be also walking with Caleb, Marysa, Sarah and Lily to school everyday.  You better behave and listen to your brother and sister. 
After breakfast we went to your classroom.  Once there you put on a name tag.  

And went to the class room rug to wait for school to start.
I had a hard time saying goodbye.  So I stood outside the door and watched you through the window for a couple of minutes.  I really just wanted to stay there the whole time.  Don't worry I took one more picture of you  doing your first thing ever in kindergarten, which was use scissors to cut lines on paper.  Than I left.  

After school your 2 younger brothers and I came and picked you up from school.  You saw me and came running to me, with a huge smile on your face.  You loved your first day of kindergarten and I hope you have many more wonderful days in kindergarten.

After I picked you up we went to the lunchroom to have lunch.  Who did we see working in the lunch room your big brother Caleb.  However you were not well behaved eating lunch in the school lunchroom that I don't know how often we will be eating lunch at school.  We saw Marysa at lunch too and she said that we at least had to come when it was her turn to work in the lunch room.

Wow kindergarten already.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Joshua's story of how (hopefully) he stopped sucking his finger.

Joshua this is the story of how hopefully you stopped sucking your left index finger.

It was evening and I was nursing Eli and Andrew was finishing up making dinner. Joshua I saw you trying to eat a lime like an apple. I told you that you couldn't eat it that way, and that it must be cut first. So instead of waiting for either me or your dad to finish what we were doing you decide to cut it yourself.

The lime and knife you used to cut your finger with.

You took a huge kitchen knife and stabbed the lime.   This knife belonged to your Great Grandmother Shanley.  You stabbed the knife good.  To good in doing so once the knife went through the lime it than cut your finger. 

Just another picture of the lime and knife.

Both Dad and I where not more than 7 ft away from you.  How you managed to cut your finger without us noticing. I don't know.  Even Aunt Amber was here.    You came up to me and said mom I am bleeding.  When I saw that cut I franticly handed Eli to Amber.  Don't remember much about what happened after that.  All I know is that we went to the hospital so fast that Daddy didn't even have time to put his shoe's on.
The stitches the Er doctor put in your finger.

Once at the hospital we realized that you had cut your left index finger. This is the finger that you have up to this point sucked since you were a baby. Once the emergency doctor had seen your finger.  He told us that you cut your tendon and that you would need surgery.   So he lightly stitched it up, wrapped it up and sent us on our way.  This was a Tuesday.
The wrap used until you had surgery. 

On Friday we were finally able to see the hand doctor.  He said that you most likely cut a nerve too.  We could tell that you cut a tendon because you could not more your finger.   Surgery was set for Monday.

Surgery was early Monday morning. We had to be at the surgical center by 6:30am.  Thankfully Grandma Cameron let us spend the night at her house so that we didn't have to travel as far.  Grandma's house was only about 10 minutes away instead of our 30 minute drive.

Once we got to the Surgical center they had you get ready.  They put a gown on you and a cute blue surgical hat thingy.  You looked so cute.  
All ready for surgery.

They gave you this cut little lion.  That you where able to take with you into surgery.

They then us to this room where you could play with toys until your surgery.

Even Eli was able to play with the toys.  

Finally it was time to go.  A nurse walked you back to where you where going to have surgery.  Daddy and I waited out in the waiting room.  We where told that the surgery should only take about an hour, but it took closer to two hours.  I was starting to get a little worried closer to the end.  The Doctor finally came out to speak with us he said that you indeed had cut a nerve and that you had also cut two tendons.  And that the surgery went well.
Still sleeping from surgery.

We had to wait a little longer before we could go in and see you.  They where finishing up the surgery and putting your cast on.

Look how big that cast is on you
Just another picture of your cast.

Still waiting for you to wake up from surgery.
Still waiting.  
Starting to wake up
Drinking your first drink.

As you where waking up you were still out of it for a little while.  However we could go home as soon as you drank something and was able to keep it down.  You drank two juice boxes and had some apple sauce. 

Feeling a little sick after drinking some juice and apple sauce.
However you started feeling sick like you were going to thrown up. Luckily you never did through up.

Daddy trying to comfort you.

Mommy is who you really wanted.

It was hard for you waking up from surgery.  It must have felt awful having that huge cast on your arm.  Once you really came out of the stuff that puts you to sleep.  (Yea I know what it is called I just can't spell ). you did really well.   

So ready to go home.
Waiting for the van so you can go home.

Joshua you have been handling all this real well.  You have hardly complained about the cast.  You have not let this cast slow you down one bit.  You wore this cast for 10 days and than we went back to the hand doctor and he put on a smaller cast.  This cast just goes to below the elbow.  You will where this cast until the 6th of September and than you will start seeing the hand therapist.  I do not know how often we will have to see him.  So by time all is said and done it could be months before that finger is really functional. I must say that I am very proud of how you have been handling all of it.  You have not been able to suck that finger for over 3 weeks now.  You are just rolling with what ever comes.  This should not surprise me though you have always just been able to roll with the punches.  

Joshua's new cast.

This is the story of how you (hopefully) stopped sucking your finger.  I would hope that by no being able to suck on it for a couple of months will break you from this habit.   I guess we will see in about a month or two.