Thursday, June 16, 2011

Life has been CRAZY.

Lets see my last post was of Joshua turning four. Since than life had been pretty busy.

Caleb turned 11 on May 24th. He just finished 5th grade and is now in Boy Scouts. He is as tall as me. The other day I was sitting on the couch and out of the corner of my eye I saw a man. It startled me because Andrew was at work. It was Caleb. I new that one day my Sons would be taller than me I just never thought it would happen this early.
My very handsome boy Caleb.  He loves his Grandpa Ottosen's motorcycle and he loves riding on it too.

Marysa turned 9 on May 28th. She is as beautiful as ever. She just finished the 3rd grade. She was able to go to Missouri with he Grandma and Grandpa Cameron. She had a lot of fun. One of her favorite parts was this huge roller coaster at Silver Dollar City. This makes me exited because she is now tall enough to go on all the rides at lagoon and she would would have a blast going on all of them. I would love to go to Lagoon with Caleb and Marysa it would be so much fun. Marysa is also a big help when it comes with Eli. Eli loves her. It is so cute to watch.
Marysa having fun.

On fun thing we did on Marysa's birthday, is the kids and I participated in a 5k. It was a lot of fun. The kids and I finished the 5k in one hour. I pushed Eli in a stroller and Caleb and Marysa took turns pushing the double jogger stroller that hat Josh and Azalea in it. Caleb and Marysa did great neither on of the complained at all. The weather was perfect. I would not mind participating in another 5k. I would like to someday be able to run one with a goal of about 40 minutes.
The kids and I right after the 5k.
Picture of Me walking the 5k.
Caleb and Marysa walking the 5k race.  

Azalea cut her hair again. We are trying to teach her how to be obedient and She is just having the hardest time. She is not going to be able to go swimming for some time because until she can show be she can follow the rules she can not go swimming. Last year she ran off and a life guard had to pull her from the lazy river at the Payson pool.
Azalea with her new hair cut.  Even with short hair she looks beautiful.

Just love this picture. And I am showing off a bow that I made.

Eli had to get 9 stitches in his mouth. This is quite the story. I was getting dinner ready and Eli was in the stroller and I told Azalea "Do not take him outside." Well she didn't listen and while I wasn't looking she took him out and tried to take him down the stairs while he was in the stroller. He was to heavy and she let go of the stroller and down he went. He hurt is mouth I am guessing on a stake we have on flower garden border. She new she was going to get in trouble so instead of telling me Eli is hurt she ran and hid. I was not happy at all. This all happened about 2 hours before Marysa was headed to leave to go to Missouri. This was on a Friday June 3rd.
Eli with is hurt lip.  It looked a lot worse right after it happened.
Here is a close up of his lip.

Fast forward to Wednesday June 8th and at about 2pm Azalea started telling me her belly hurt. By about 4 she was just crying in pain. By 7:30 Azalea was in surgery getting her appendix removed. It all happened just so fast. She spent the night at the hospital and was home by 4:00pm on Thursday.

Azalea with an IV in her.  I hate having IV's they hurt.

Azalea in her cute hospital gown. Got to love that naked bum.

Even in the hospital Azalea has to look her best.
Finally going home.

On Sunday June 12th I had to take Eli to the doctor because he had a tempature of 102. He ended up having a sinus infection. The doctor thinks that there was swelling where he had his stitches and it blocked his sinuses and there for he got the sinus infection.

Azalea is doing really well she is back to her old wild self. Eli is also doing better.

Lets hope the rest of summer is filled with fun.