Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Wow, it has been 2 months since I wrote on my blog. 

Not exactly sure why I haven't written on my blog for 2 months.   Life is busy.   Life has been hard emotionally for me, the last few months.  I have good days and I have bad days.   I think I am just getting tired of having eye problems and the left side of  my face is numb yet it hurts all day long.  It feels like I have been hit in the face.  It feels like it does when your hand is a sleep.  Most days are good, but some days I wish I could just stay in bed and sleep all day so that I don't feel the pain anymore.   The pain is just getting worse, which is good.  It means my 5th nerve is starting to heal.  It heals slowly.  I heard it can take about 2 years fully heal.    The good news is if you look at the picture just below you can see that my left eye fully moves now.  Remember how for a few months after my surgery the left eye would not move.  It moves, it fully moves.  Bad news is that my eye still doesn't tear up, and I mostly still can't feel if anything gets in my eye.  I can feel when my eye burns or feels really puffy.  I do feel blessed that my eye's movement is good.    So now that I have complained let me show you what has been going one.

Azalea at school had a kiddy 500 day.   The teacher told us that we had to make something that moved.  It could be a bus, car, train, jet or a horse.   It had to be something that moves.  Azalea wanted a horse.  So Azalea and I made a horse, she loves it.  It turned out so cute.

Azalea named her horse Lily.   It looks like Lily was taking a break to get a eat.

Azalea loves showing off her horse Lily.

Lily must be so hungry.  Azalea is helping her eat.

Caleb played basketball these past 2 months.   He did pretty well.  He was the tallest on his team.  He has a lot of fun playing.
His team won there last game by 26 points.  This was really good for his team.  His team usually lost by 26 points.  He did well.  He scored 2 points.  Rebounded really good.  He passed good.  I sure love that he likes basketball.  Basketball is my favorite sport.  I love playing it. 

I canned chicken.  It was fun.  My sister and I both canned chicken.  My mother in law was wonderful and got me a pressure cooker for Christmas.  Canning the chicken was the first time I had used the pressure cooker she got me.   My family like canned chicken.  It is nice to have especially when you are in a big hurry to cook dinner. 

Eli turned 18 months on February 20th.  I can not believe he is 18 months already.  Time sure does fly by.  Eli is a handful.  He is a mommy's boy.  He loves watching his dad and I cook.  He loves playing in the kitchen.   He loves it so much it feels like it is going to be a great chief one day.  He isn't really talking yet.  He babbles all the time.  He really hasn't even called me mom yet.  He says ma ma when he wants a drink of milk.   He points to a lot of stuff and if he wants to go somewhere he tries to pull be up and once I am up he pushes me to where he wants to go. 

Josh is Josh.  He loves to Josh you.  You know joke with you.   He is one handsome boy.

We went and bought us a trampoline.  Okay I went and bought us a trampoline.  The kids love it.   It is a good thing that this years winter has been so mild.  Some days here if feels like spring outside. Which makes it so the kids can jump on it.  The trampoline came with a netting around it. 

All the kids love jumping on it, even Eli.

Marysa looks like she is hitting Caleb in the face.   She didn't it just looks like it.

This is a picture of Marysa falling back on the trampoline.  What I love about this picture is that she looks headless. 

Marysa loves to play basketball.  I waited to long and I wasn't able to sign her up.  She had played volleyball and so we signed Caleb up first we had just enough money to sign him up.  I went to sign her up once Andrew got payed again, but it was to late.  They said all the teams where full.

Marysa fell in love with it the first time she ever played.  One night my stake had a open court basketball night so we went and played and she fell in love.  For someone just starting she is doing well.  She is shooting good.  She loves to dribble.  I see a great basketball star in her.  I love that she loves it.   

The question is:
Does the short hair look cute on me? 


To end this long post I want to show off my cute fabric hair bow that I made and my very handsome 18 month old son Eli.