Friday, October 12, 2012

Eli, Oh Eli

Eli LOVES the kitchen.  He could spend hours there.  He loves pretending he is making dinner.  He likes pretending he is cleaning the dishes.

A couple of days ago he was pretending to cook.  He likes opening the oven and putting dishes in there.  We are trying to teach him how to be careful around the oven.

Later that night I started dinner. I tuned on the oven.  Eli is really careful when the oven is on.  I was getting dinner ready so I could put it in the oven.  After a while I turned around and saw flames in the oven.  I opened it up and realized that there was 2 plastic containers in the oven.  Eli must have put them there earlier during the day.  It scared me and I told Marysa to take the kids outside while I put the fire out.  Our house smelled like burnt plastic for a long time.

This is what happens when your 2 year old plays in the kitchen.  These plastic containers are destroyed. 
We watch Eli really carefully when we are cooking.  He loves to watch us cook so he is always close by.  But when we are not cooking in the kitchen he pretends he is cooking.  

                      So I will need to check the oven from now on when I cook.  One day Eli will be a great Chef.