Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Josh the amazing climber

A few days ago the while the big ones where at school and the little ones at home sick with a cold. I decided to make a fort for the little ones because they were to sick to go outside. While we were under the tent the two little ones got out. Not much later I her a sound form the sink. I think not again azalea is playing in the water. So I got out of the fort and sure enough there was

Josh and azalea playing in the sink. With the water running. So like any good mother I go and grab my camera. After I took the pictures I take the kids out of the sink and dry them off and put clean clothes on them.
At last the kids are all dried and dressed and I here the water running again. And I assume it is azalea I say azalea As i am walking into the kitchen I see just Josh sitting in the sink and Azalea is once again under the fort.
Yes my little monkey had moved the COUNTER HEIGHT chair over to the table climbed up the chair and climbed into the sink and turned on the water. And like a good mother got my camera. It was in the kitchen so I never left him there by himself. Took pictures let him play for a couple of minutes. Took him out and changed his just changed clothes. This little man is going to make me laugh, scream, cry, give me a heart attache , make me smile and so much more.

My sister Amy

Got a call from my mom from Texas about 6:30 my time. And she had said that my sister Amy had had her baby. She said that her baby was born about an hour ago so my time that made it about 5:30 pm. So Spain time that was about 12:30 am on October 30th. Which to me is kind of funny because it was still and still is oct. 29th here in Utah. I still have not talked with my sister and will not be able to until she comes home from the hospital. So I really can not say what day he was born for sure. But I can say his name is Oliver and he weigh 7lbs 11oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

Finally we carved the pumpkins

We Have finally either carved or painted our pumpkins in to Jack-o-lanterns
I love this picture if the pumpkin I have waited to use a picture with the invert edit.

Here is Josh with his pumpkin. He got to cranky so I put him to bed.

Azalea oh cute azalea her is here finished pumpkin she painted hers she loves to paint.

Marysa with her finished pumpkin I made the mouth and she did the eyes. She
really wanted to paint her pumpkin.

Here is Caleb with is final Jack-o-lantern. He wanted to carve hers and he did it all but the mouth.

Here is Caleb cleaning out his pumpkin. What a handsome man.

Marysa working on hers. She had so much fun.

Azalea painting her pumpkin. I just love the smile

Joshua painting her pumpkin. I think he got more paint on his face than his pumpkin.

I loved watching my children have fun making Jack-o-lanterns. They had so much fun. Thanks to my mother in law for getting my children there pumpkins. If you can't tell I used the editing system called picnik on the pictures. I hope you enjoy the pictures. What a wonderful way to start the fall.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our birthday getaway

As some of you know mine and Andrew birthdays are only 5 days apart. Mine is 10-04-1979 and Andrews is 10-09-1974. IF you notice we have the exact same numbers in our birthdays. Cool huh. Anyways out of the kindness of my mother in laws heart we where able to go on a weekend get a way. where you ask we went to Midway Utah and where able to stay in the worldmark condos we were able to use some of my MIL points for the condo. We had this planned months ago. IT was going to be us and two of my closest friends but at last either one could come. So at the very last minute i asked my friends Char and Jason. We have known them for about a year and I have the privilege or curse of watching their kids in the morning before school and after school. Lets just say some days are a privilege and other days it is a curse.

Andrew and I spent the first two nights by ourselves. we had lots of fun. We ate at some really good restaurants and thanks to the happening coupon book most of our meals were buy one get one free. We went to Park city I thought it was very amazing. First time being in Park City. I have been to the outlet stores but that is the closest I Have ever been.

On are way back from Park City I got pulled over that is right I got a speeding ticket. Lucky me. Last time I received one was over ten years ago. It was the only down side of the trip. Best part is that park city has no traffic school so yea it will be going on my clean record.

Here are some pictures of our trip.

This is Char and Jason. I am so glad the decide to come up we had a lot of fun with them.

This is the post office in Park City and yes it is a real post office.

I love the way the house look in Park City. Very cool.

Lovely Picture of Andrea and I. What a way to spend our 34 and 29Th birthdays. This is actually one of the very few pictures of Andrew and I. I always seem to just take pictures of the kids they are way cuter than we are. Nice thing about the trip there were no kids. I was able to get my mom and dad to watch them. So yes 3 nights and four days with out kids it was nice. I missed them and am glad to be back home.

P.S. Andrew did end up passing the kidney stone. Sometime on Monday the 13Th. TO much info I am sure but it looked like a candy nerd.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kidney stone and a birthday

It all started the morning of the 8th. Andrew called me from work saying that he was in a lot of pain and that he was sweating alot . I told him to go to insta care. He drove from about 20 miles in the most pain in his life. He was told at insta care that they thought it was a kidney stone and that he needed to go to the er. He calls me from insta care to pick him up because he can not drive. It is about 10:00 am at this time. I had just finished cleaning the living room. I got the little ones ready as fast as I could. called My mother in law and asked if she could watch Josh and Azalea at while we were at the Er she graciously said yes and met us at the ER.

The ER confirmed that it was a kidney stone and they gave him tons of pain meds. They said it was about 3mm big and that he would be passing it on his own. We came home around 2:00 pm.

He took the rest of the day just sleeping and relaxing. The meds they gave him were working they were keeping the pain way.

He sleeps well this night and wakes up feeling pretty good. IT is also his 34th birthday on oct 9th. In fact he feels good enough that we go and eat lunch at Olive Garden for his birthday. He had been saving money just for this day. Still most of the day goes pain free granted he is on top of his meds. Fast forward to about 10:00 pm. The pain becomes unbearable he has already taken 2 pills and nothing is happening so around 11:00 pm I call my dad so that he can come and watch the kids while we go yet again to the ER. He comes to watch our sleeping kids.

We get to the ER and we wait in the waiting room for about 40 minutes and it was a long forty minutes Andrew hurt so bad. He finally get in they give him alot of pain medicine and as soon as he is comfortable they send us home. We get home around 2:20 am.

We go right to sleep. Andrew still has not passed the stone as of this morning October 10Th. He seems to be comfortable at the time the meds are still working. I sure hope he passes it soon.

What a present to get to have a kidney stone on your birthday. Poor Poor Andrew

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Autumn pictures

caleb and azalea

marysa oops forgot to rotate the picture

my happy kids

three of my little ducklings

beautiful azalea

caleb is so handsome and grown up

picture of the creek

My four wonderful children. Trying to please me on my birthday by posing for a picture

Joshua was yelling at the other kids.

Azalea all smiles

Here is a picture of Josh. I love his smile.

Here is Azalea. again love the smile

Here is marysa again love the smile wait there is no smile

This is a picture of the creek at south fork park.
I can not get enough of that new editing program. I love the
colors that i chose to use for this picture.

Mother daughter outing turns in scary a moment

This is marysa looking over the river.
Part of me was sad to see what has become of Bridal Veil Fall. IT is in ruins. This is a picture of one of the old structures. It is sad that my children can not experience it the way it use to be. However the scenery is still beautiful.

Marysa took this picture. She did a great job I added the boarder.
She loves taking pictures.
Now on to the scary moment .

Marysa and I decide yesterday that we were going to go back up to the canyon today. See yesterday was my 29th birthday and I love it when the leaves change and i wanted to get some pictures of the kids with the changing leaves in the back ground. I was able to get some very cute ones i will post it next. IT was raining yesterday so we only spent about 20 minutes up there. Marysa loved it up there and so her and I decided we would go back up today.

We left after the first session of General Confrence. We had a nice little drive. We decide to stop at Bridal veil falls. It was so beautiful up at Bridal Veil. I talked marysa into taking a picture for the reflection contest that the school does. The theme this year is WOW. She started to look for things that where wow. She said that "wow is for waterfalls" . We kept taking pictures and i said do you want to go on a little hike and she said sure.

so we started up the trail to the waterfall we stopped along the way to of corse take pictures. What happened next is the most scariest thing that has ever happened to either one of us.

We didn't get to far when all of a sudden we heard a big bang and then I heard falling rocks. My first thought was that there was going to be a big rock slide and that Marysa and I were going to get swept away by the rocks. I heard people yelling get off the mountian I heard people say cover your heads. At one point I actually saw the rocks falling. They were about 50 feel away.
I yelled Marysa watch out she thought I said Marysa there is a fire. So I grabbed her hand and we ran down the mountain and we ran It almost felt like we were flying down the mountain. When we were about to the end we heard the people say that it was okay. Because I was on the mountain I could not see where the rocks were coming from and were they were going.

All I knew is that I could hear the rocks falling and that we need to get off the mountain. We made it off safe. We sure where shoocken up though. My legs just wanted to fall beneathe me my heart was beating so fast. Marysa poor girl she was so scared but really only because she thought I said Marysa there is a fire.

There were other people on the mountain but I think everyone made it off okay.

We leave and decide to go to to south fork were we where yesterday. We were there only about 10 minuted because we heard to really loud booms again and it scared both of us. So we started walking back to the car. On the way to the car we heard yet another boom and this time it was really loud. Marysa starts running to the car she could not get out of there fast enough and to tell you the truth either could I. What were those big booms who knows. It could have been a gun or thunder. To us however it was the sound that was made right before the rocks started falling at bridal veil.

We made it home and we told Andrew about are near death experience. For the rest of the day marysa kept saying " mom i keep having dreams about the rocks " what she means is she keeps thinking about the whole experience. I told her honey you will most likely think about it all day. Even righting this story right know is making my heart beat faster and my hands are shaky. I just hope that she does not have a nightmare.

I am so grateful that we are safe and that we have another day to be with are family.
Angles where watching out for us. I am home and with my family. My wonderful family.

Friday, October 3, 2008

My friend Becky Introduced me to a editing program called Picnik.
I am in love with this program. I love seeing how I can change my pictures.
I have 1000 of pictures. Oh the fun I will have. Here are a few that I have edited.
Hope you enjoy.
This is a picture of Azalea's eye.

This picture is of me and marysa at the stadium of fire
This is a picture of Caleb. I loved how this one turned out i am most certainly in love with the editing site picnik

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Marysa playing soccer

The fall soccer season has come to an end. Marysa did great
Tonight was her last night. She really enjoys playing soccer
In this picture she is the girl with the one pink shin guard.

This is a picture of her right before she scored.
I think she made about 10 goals this season.

This is Marysa Playing soccer .
Her she is after the game.

Here are her fans. We all love watching her play.
She loves playing. These picture where taking on a Saturday.