Friday, May 20, 2011

Joshua is now 4 years old.

Josh turned 4 yesterday.  I hope he had a good birthday.   We didn't do much.  But I told him all day long Happy Birthday.  We had cake and Ice cream for him.

Josh is getting so big.  He is learning how to count.  He is going to speech therapy.  He has been able to go to preschool this past year.  The bus even comes to pick him up.  He is still sucking his index finger and twirls his hair at the same time.  Oh how I love this boy.

Enjoy the pictures.   I plan on doing a photo shoot with my kids on or close by their birthdays.  The first 5 are pictures I took of Josh on his 4th birthday.  The others are just random pictures that I just love of Josh.

 I think Josh looks like a mini Sheldon Cooper from the TV show The big bang Theory.

 I think Josh is looking like a boy instead of a little boy.

 This is Josh playing with a toy sword, that his Aunt Amber gave him.

 Just got to love that fake smile.

This picture is so Josh.
 As you can see Josh is still sucking his finger and twirling his air. 
He is holding a car.  He is always holding a car.
He is wearing his favorite shirt.

This picture is taken of Josh on his last day of preschool this year.
He has learned so much.  This year.  Next year at this time I am going to be getting this little
boy ready for kindergarten.  How the time flies.

 Josh is almost 2 in this picture.  
I just love that curly hair.  
I love those red boots.

 This is Josh just minutes after he is born.  
Notice his hand is by his mouth.

 This is Josh at 18 months.

 This is one of my all time favorite pictures of Josh.
He is about 6 months old.

I am so grateful that Joshua is part of our family.  He adds so much joy, laughter, patience and much more to our family.  I can not imagine life without him.  

I love you Josh 

Happy Birthday!

Monday, May 2, 2011

From Andrew: Snow!

I just had to post this picture of snow on our flowers. Not something we expected. Especially after all the global warming information Al Gore has been so kind to give everyone!

This is up at Chad T.'s new place:

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Danette is a great big sister.  Thanks danette for all you do for us.  We love you so much.