Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eli 11 months Old.

Wow Eli I can not believe you are already a month old.  It amazes me how fast you grow and learn.  In the last couple of days you have started to walk.  You will take about 6 to 8 steps at a time.  You are also standing up by yourself.  You are a mamma's boy.  Marysa can be at times your second mama.  She can put you to sleep sometimes easier than I can.  You love Daddy you get so excited when he comes home from work.  You crawl/walk to him so that he will pick you up.  You give him a big hug.

You have to modes sleeping or exploring.  Even when you nurse (which you still enjoy doing a lot) you move around a lot.   It seems like you always need to be moving some part of your body.

You have 6 teeth. 4 up top and 2 on the bottom.

I love that you are part of this family.  We have so much fun with you.  Your older brothers and sisters are enjoying teaching you how to walk.   I love that they look out for you.  With all the exploring you do, you need many people watching out for you.   It only takes a few seconds for you to crawl out of  a room.

Much to our dismay your favorite room in the house is the bathroom.   I don't know what it is about the toilet but if we forget to shut the door that is usually where I find you and usually there are a few things in the toilet.    We are getting better at remembering to shut the bathroom door.

Enjoy the following picture.  You will come to know that I can not take to many pictures.  I got a few really cute pictures of you.  It was not easy.  You did not want to sit still.

I have a love/hate relationship with you learning how to walk.
I love seeing you learn new things.  I hate how fast you are growing up.

You love exploring.  Here you are looking in a bucket that if full of news paper.

Playing in the dirt.

Here I am trying to get a picture.

Still trying to get your 11 month pictures taken.

Eli I love this picture.  To me your eyes are saying,
Really mom more pictures.

I think you look so much like your dad in this picture.
I love your chubby cheeks Eli.

I love your cute little feet.  

Oh Eli I can never get enough of that smile or dimple.  Your smile makes my heart melt.