Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family Picture

Me and my girls

The three most handsome men.
Andrew and his boys

Me and my husband.

The baby. Josh

Miss Azalea

The big brother Caleb

Miss Marysa

Love this picture except someone is sucking his thumb

We are a great looking family. If I do say so.

I was going to wait to post these since they are Christmas presents but they are to cute. Ken Jensen took these pictures. He goes to the same ward I go to. He was very generous and took them as a Christmas present to us.


The Festival of Trees

Andrew came home from work one day and said to me lets take the kids to the Festival of Trees. So later on that week we all got into the van drove to the South town expo. Drove around for a good 15 minutes before we found a parking space.

We walk inside and the first thing Marysa says was WOW. It was amazing. The last time I had been to the Festival of Trees was when I was a teenager. It was spectacular. Their where trees everywhere.

Here are a few of the trees that where there these are some of our favorites

I am not sure if you can tell but it is a BYU U of U tree

This one is made of blown glass

This is one of Andrews favorite. He loves the color purple

This one was a really pretty girly tree.

There were so many trees that we had to take a break half way through and have a snack

After our snack we we finished looking at the trees. When we were done doing that we headed over to the children's section. There you could buy three tickets for a dollar. They had many different booths. Some of the booths where only on ticket. The kids had a lot of fun here. The girls choose to have their nails done. They also had their face painted.

Marysa had a manicure. She chose 2 different colors.

Azalea also had a manicure she chose one color purple of course.

The three older kids also had face painting done.

I am so glad that we went I thought that it would only take like an hour or so to walk through. We where there for three hours and still did not see everything. What amazed me the most was that every penny spent at the festival of trees went to Primary children's Hospital. Every penny. The money we spent to get into the festival of trees. The food we bought. The kids corner. All the people working there were volunteers. Not sure how much was raised this year, but last year over 1.6 million dollars was raised. The trees were breath taking. The whole experience was uplifting, inspirational, humbling and to quote Marysa Wow.
The festival of trees was a wonderful family experience.

Its time to get a new tree when....

Your 8 year old is taller than the Christmas tree.
We went to go and set up our Christmas tree and
realized that Caleb is now a good foot taller than the tree.
So we ran to the store and picked out a new tree.
A 6 1/2 foot tree. I guess this will do of another
5 years until Caleb is once again bigger than the tree.
You never know with this boy because he is only eight
and he is almost as tall as his mom.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where's Azalea

I woke up from a nap one day and asked Andrew where the kids where. He knew where all the kids where except Azalea. I was a little worried that she had snuck outside. We searched the bedrooms. I told Andrew to look closely because it was about three and she hadn't had a nap so I was thinking that she might have also fallen asleep somewhere.

And that is exactly what she had done. She feel asleep on top of the washer. She must not have been there to long because the washer was still going.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Amy's baby

My new Nephew

My sister Amy had Oliver on
October 29th
and he weighed in at 7lbs 11oz
He is so handsome
Congratulations Amy

Amber's baby

My new niece

My sister Amber had Katelyn Ashlee on
November 26.
She weighed in at 7lbs 13oz.
She is so beautiful
Congratulations Amber

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Azalea

Today is Azalea's 3rd birthday. What an amazing 3 years it has been. This little girl has been a blessing since the day I found out i was pregnant. I have loved this little girl since before she was even conceived. I love everything about her. She was born weighing a whopping 9 lbs. at 5:47 pm. She is such a important part of this family. She is loved my all who meet her. She is my miracle baby. The baby who saved me. Yes she calmed my trouble heart she still does. Andrew said in her baby blessing that she was sent her to calm her mother. I look at her and am just amazed that she is here and that I get to be her earthly mother. What a wonderful opportunity and blessing.

Azalea in her Blessing dress. This also happens to be the dress I was blessed in too.

Let me tell you a little about this girl.
1. She loves ponies
2. She loves to wear dresses
3. she hates chicken nuggets
4. Her favorite TV show is Mickey Mouse Club House
5. She loves to draw
6. she can count to 10
7. She has curly hair
8.She loves playing outside.
9. She is very independent
10. She loves donuts

Happy Birthday Azalea

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Superboys

There are actually 2 superman's. That's right two of them. How do I know this. Because I am their Mother. Yes that's right I get to be superman's mommy. The above pictures is of superboy aka Joshua at 6months. The picture below is of superboy aka Caleb at eight. Their super powers include but are not limited to.
Making me smile.
making my heart skip a beat. aka Josh is really good at this one.
unconditional love
aka Caleb loves helping others
annoying their super sisters aka Marysa and Azalea.
Superboys are always their when you need them. Even when I just want to cuddle with them.

better late than never Halloween pictures

It is only half way through November and I am finally adding my Halloween pictures.
I just love Halloween. If you were to ask my husband he would say I am worse then the kid. Let me rephrase this I love trick or treating. Love it love it love it. This year was a good trick or treating year. It was warm. This meant that we could trick or treat even longer. If Andrew has his way we would only go to about 5 houses. Caleb is at a good age he realizes the longer you trick or treat the more candy you can get. I know I know but hay it is free candy. Marysa was ready to be done sooner than Caleb and I were. I just kept telling her the longer you go the more candy you can get. That kept her motivated. Not quite sure why it is that I love trick or treating so much. Maybe because it is a fun activity that the whole family can do for free. Maybe because it is something everyone can to weather you are rich or poor. What ever the reason I am so glad my kids are old enough to go trick or treating. But age doesn't stop me I took Caleb trick or treating when he was six months old, but only to a few houses. I think this is one of my top ten reasons I like being a mom. I get to go trick or treating again. Enough about that lets see some pictures.

Azalea of coarse is a care bear, josh is shrek and marysa is an angle

Caleb is Clark Kent aka superman.

Here is Mr. shrek himself. Josh hated that hat. Boy is he cute.

My cute cuddly carebear.

Miss Hannah Montana Angel. Andrew couldn't resist getting marysa the Hannah Montana wig.

Josh loved trick or treating he caught on way fast. I think he is going to take after his mommy. That and he loved the candy. His favorite kit kat.

Here are all my cute kids trick or treating. So shrek, clark kent, a care bear and an angel went home ate some candy and fell asleep .

P.s. We still have some candy left.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Josh the amazing climber

A few days ago the while the big ones where at school and the little ones at home sick with a cold. I decided to make a fort for the little ones because they were to sick to go outside. While we were under the tent the two little ones got out. Not much later I her a sound form the sink. I think not again azalea is playing in the water. So I got out of the fort and sure enough there was

Josh and azalea playing in the sink. With the water running. So like any good mother I go and grab my camera. After I took the pictures I take the kids out of the sink and dry them off and put clean clothes on them.
At last the kids are all dried and dressed and I here the water running again. And I assume it is azalea I say azalea As i am walking into the kitchen I see just Josh sitting in the sink and Azalea is once again under the fort.
Yes my little monkey had moved the COUNTER HEIGHT chair over to the table climbed up the chair and climbed into the sink and turned on the water. And like a good mother got my camera. It was in the kitchen so I never left him there by himself. Took pictures let him play for a couple of minutes. Took him out and changed his just changed clothes. This little man is going to make me laugh, scream, cry, give me a heart attache , make me smile and so much more.

My sister Amy

Got a call from my mom from Texas about 6:30 my time. And she had said that my sister Amy had had her baby. She said that her baby was born about an hour ago so my time that made it about 5:30 pm. So Spain time that was about 12:30 am on October 30th. Which to me is kind of funny because it was still and still is oct. 29th here in Utah. I still have not talked with my sister and will not be able to until she comes home from the hospital. So I really can not say what day he was born for sure. But I can say his name is Oliver and he weigh 7lbs 11oz and 19 1/2 inches long.

Finally we carved the pumpkins

We Have finally either carved or painted our pumpkins in to Jack-o-lanterns
I love this picture if the pumpkin I have waited to use a picture with the invert edit.

Here is Josh with his pumpkin. He got to cranky so I put him to bed.

Azalea oh cute azalea her is here finished pumpkin she painted hers she loves to paint.

Marysa with her finished pumpkin I made the mouth and she did the eyes. She
really wanted to paint her pumpkin.

Here is Caleb with is final Jack-o-lantern. He wanted to carve hers and he did it all but the mouth.

Here is Caleb cleaning out his pumpkin. What a handsome man.

Marysa working on hers. She had so much fun.

Azalea painting her pumpkin. I just love the smile

Joshua painting her pumpkin. I think he got more paint on his face than his pumpkin.

I loved watching my children have fun making Jack-o-lanterns. They had so much fun. Thanks to my mother in law for getting my children there pumpkins. If you can't tell I used the editing system called picnik on the pictures. I hope you enjoy the pictures. What a wonderful way to start the fall.