Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Caleb is one tough boy. I love this picture of him. He loves playing soccer. Last night he
started his fourth season of soccer. This year the are calling offsides and the finally get a
referee. This picture is 2 seasons ago. Keep up the good hard work.

And the artist is...

Marysa is 100% girl. She loves make-up, fingernail polish, dresses, princess and Hannah Montana. She wanted to put make on me so i let her. She than went ahead and put some on her sister and her self. Don't we look so cute. This picture was taken about 18 months ago. It is one of my favorite pictures. Quality mommy and me time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

monkeys i think i have two

Josh I think he might really be a monkey. He is climbing all over the place. His new think is to climb on to the chair and then climb on to the computer desk. Azalea saw him on the computer desk and thought she should join him. So maybe she is a monkey too. Even as i am writing this he has climbed up for his fifth time. so I just took him off guess where he goes to the chair and on the computer desk again. I can't even write fast enough to keep up with him. oh here we go again. Oh the fun i am going to have with josh and azalea. Yes azalea just joined us. she however climbed on from back of the chair i am sitting on. Picture this i am writing on the computer Josh is standing on the computer desk and azalea is now sitting right in back of me. I swear when caleb and marysa where this little they were never this monkeyish. I am sure that monkeyish isn't even a word but you get my point. Tell you the truth though I am having so much fun with these two little ones. Yes he is climbing yet agian on to the computer desk. He stands up and starts doing the sign for milk. I wonder if he needs a drink.

Stomache bugs

I sure do hate stomache bugs. Why because there is always throw up involved.
I was rocking Josh saturday night and I thought we have gone along time with out anyone throwing up. 3 months now that i think about it. Which i guess isn't really that long. To my surprise Marysa wakes up in the middle of the night saying that her belly hurts. I always say to my kids if you are sick you can sleep in my bed. I am not sure how long we were asleep when she woke up and ran to the bath room . She threw up. She and I both had a ruff night. Well today is tuesday she of course is fine. I however am not fine. My stomache hurts, and I am tired. Moral of the story always knock on wood, even if it is just a thought in your own head. I mean come on the same night i had the thought someone throws up.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Better late then never

So I am finally doing a blog. I think i am one of the last ones to start one. Just like I am the only one who has not read the twilight books. Someday I will read them.
I am a mother to four kids. 2 boys and 2 girls. caleb is eight and marysa is 6 azalea is 2 1/2 and Joshua is 15 months. My life is crazy but I wouldn't trade it for anything