Saturday, September 27, 2008

Caleb's busy day

Here are the girls Cheering at Caleb's football game.

Caleb had a very busy day. First he started with a football game

Followed by a soccer game

I am glad to say that he made it through his busy day. His football game started at five and his soccer game started at six. Many of you I am sure am wondering why he would be playing both for. That would be my fault for some reason i assumed that football was like soccer where you have a game and one practice a week. Oh no football is a 10 hour a week commitment. He has endured well. I am so glad he is playing football he has grown alot from football. It has been a lot of hard work for him. Hard work is good for you. This was Wednesday. Today Saturday his coach told us that he has improved so much that he is going to be on starting defense. It is good for Caleb to see that working hard proves to be with it. It isn't always easy but well worth it. Just so you know when he first started he would cry at the littlest thing now he just gets up and tries again.

Going to the circus

We decide to go to the circus. It was a 24 hour last minute dicsion. We had a coupon for 50% off. So we were able to get the tickets for 5.00 dollars each. It was my dads birthday so we decided to invite my mom and dad and my brother and his daughter Aubrey. The kids were so excited. We pulled them out of school after lunch. So me and the four kids headed to Andrew's work to pick him up so we could go the the circus. There was a pre show where we got to see the elephants and the tigers. We also were able to meet some of the performers. The show was great the kids loved it. Josh and azalea did sleep through the second half of the show. Marysa did throw a big fit so she spent some time in time out. It was nice to spend time with my parents, brother, my kids and my sweet hubby. We went out for pizza after the show. I love spending time with my family. I love watching my kids having fun. I love it when the laugh. I love making memories. Here is a slide show of all the fun we had.
So sit back and enjoy the greatest show on earth.

Swings Part 2

We went to caleb's soccer game and the kids wanted to play on the swings. At the park they only have 2 baby swings and one was already taken. What is a mother to do when there is one swing and two kids. Solution have them use the same swing. We put josh and azalea in the swing together. They loved it. They were all smiles. I did have to change who was in front and who was in back. the back was to high for Joshua it was hitting him in the neck.

Marysa even took a turn pushing the little ones. Josh was so relaxed in the swing that he was sucking his thumb and rubbing his hair. We must have swung like this for a good 10 minutes. Finally another swing be came available and they each had there own. I just would have thought of this like 6 years ago when Caleb and Marysa where small. The soccer team playing in the back ground is Caleb's team they are the bright green color.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Halloween bow

I love this hair bow. I think it turned out so cute. It is one i made of course for Halloween. As many of you know I love to make hair bows. If I can ever make you something just let me know.

marysa gets a 100%

Marysa got her very first 100% on a spelling test. It is so fun to watch my children learn how to read and write. I am so proud of her. I think her hand writing is so cute. She loves learning.

Congratulations marysa.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Josh, Azalea and I went to the little park in our condo complex. We had a lot of fun swinging. This is the first time Josh is on the big swing by himself. He smiled the whole time. At one point josh let go of one hand to suck his thumb and swing that only lasted a couple of seconds.Until I stopped him and told him you can not suck your thumb and swing at the same time you might fall. Azalea can swing for hours if I let her. At the beginning of the summer Azalea was so afraid of the swings and now she can not go high enough.

I took these pictures with the camera on my phone. The pictures turned out better than I thought they would.
She sneaked outside today at least twice to go and play on the swings. I swear she is an escape artist. 10 people could be watching her and she some how can always sneak way.

I little monkey is now a puppy

Azalea is to that fun stage where she acts like a puppy. She comes up and licks me on my face she barks and she will chase after a toy if i throw one. It is all good though it means she is using her imagenation. She is so cute when she comes up to me panting like a dog with her tounge sticking out.

it should suprise me that she is acting like a dog. She loves dogs she loves all animals. She loves to pet them and the size of the dog doesn't matter she likes them all. Un like marysa who is scared of the tinest dog but that is another story.

I feel bad for Azalea though she will not be able to have any pets until she is out on her own. I am allergic to dogs and cats. So i guess for the time being I currently have 3 kids and a little puppy named Azalea who looks alot llike my daughter Azalea.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Really old

One day a few years ago I was in the store with Marysa and we were checking out. Marysa loves to talk so she was talking with this older lady. Here is how the conversation went

Old lady: how old are you.

Marysa: 4

Marysa: How old are you

Older lady: Really old

Marysa: You are suppose to die when you are really old.

older lady: well i am not that old.

I still laugh ever time i think about this little trip to walmart. Moral of the story never say you are really old. People will think you should be dead.

nap time

I love nap time. I love that it is quiet for a couple of hours. I love that my kids are happy again once they wake up from their nap. I love that if I so choose I can take a nap. Which is 7 out of 10 times. Today I choose to take a nap. I am suffering from a cold, so even though my house needs to be cleaned I thought I need my rest more. I am up and the little ones are still sleeping yea. I maybe have more minutes to my self. Which I should be cleaning yet I am not.

What happens after they get up. Josh does not cry when he wakes up he just lays there. I swear he can just be content in his crib for a good hour. yesterday I went in and he was standing up and he was naked. Yes naked he took off his diaper. His poopy diaper. I am sure he peed too. So standing there was this really cute happy naked baby and all I could do was laugh.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

spotlighting Azalea

Azalea was born on November 17, 2005.
She was born in a very important time in my life. We had miscarried a baby in March of 2004. I had a horrible time after wards. My heart ached. No one felt what hell i went through that year after i miscarried. I know that I already had 2 kids. To me I lost a child. I did not know how to mourn for my lost child. On top of losing a baby we decide to start trying again right way. It was almost to the day that I found out that I was finally Pregnant again.

The day I found out I was pregnant I became a new person inside. She is such a special little girl. In her baby blessing Andrew gave her. He said she was sent after a lot of heartache and that she was her to calm me. She has done that. My soul ached for this little girl. I think we were really good friends in the pre mortal world.

How I got Azalea's name one day i was looking through a old baby name book and saw the name. I really liked it but didn't think much about it. until i started having dreams about the name. Kathryn comes from is my great grandma hesses name.

Azalea is a miracle from heaven. She is very independent. She is always trying to do stuff by herself. She is speech delayed but that is okay thank heaven for early intervention programs. Both Andrew and I have a soft spot in our hearts. She loves her dad. I think in her dad's eyes she can to know wrong. Andrew wants her too stay little forever.

I could go on and on about this special little girl that Heavenly Father has given to us to take care of . She is truly a blessing in our lives and in every ones life who knows her. She has a very special spirit. She is calm and happy and yet very independent.

I just want to take a moment to thank Heavenly Father for this little girl. I can't even express how much I love her. At a moment I thought I had gone though all I could Heavenly Father blessed me with this sweet sweet girl.

She will be 3 in exactly 2 months. I have learned alot through my experience getting her into my life. It did all work out. I now know that I need to just my Heavenly Father more.

All I can say is Thank you Heavenly Father for this precious little girl. I promise to always love her and care for her.

Below is a slide show of Azalea.


Family vacation 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Josh and Cannon

In August Andrews sister Sarah came to Utah to visit Family. She has a cute little boy named Cannon. Josh is exactly 3 months older than cannon. It was fun to watch them interact with each other. They like to drink together read together and play on the piano together. I am glad Josh has a cousin that he can grow up with .

Saturday, September 6, 2008

This past July we were able to go on a family vacation.
We went to St George and stayed at the world mark
condos thanks to my mother in law. She had some
points that need to be used and she let us use them. So we were
able to stay in this very nice 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo.
I loved having 2 bathrooms. I wish i had 2 bathrooms at my house.
We were their for four nights. The kids had fun it was really nice
just to get away. We finished off the week by going to Andrews work party
at seven peaks.

Here is Andrew with the two little ones. In the swimming pool
at the condo. It takes two adults to keep track of Zaylee and Josh.

This is a picture marysa took at the st george temple

We went to the dinasour tracks place. I can not at this time
remember the name. Sorry it was a really nice muesum.

This is are really cute family picture taken at Cove Fort. I am
glad we decide to stop there on our way home from our trip.
I was really impressed with caleb he listened to everything the tour guide
said. He is turning in to a great boy.

Here is Caleb trying out one of the old stuff again i can not remeber what
it is.

This is Azalea aka Zaylee. She loves the water. Someone always needs to be watching her.
Right after this trip we went to Seven peaks and we lost her yes we lost her at seven peaks
Actually it was Andrew who lost her. We found her at the first aid office. Coloring and having a
snack. Nothing scares this little girl. We sure do love her.

Here are my adorable kids eating. We had just finished swimming. Andrew loved using the grill they had on the balcony. I would totally change my 3 bedroom 1 bath condo for this 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo. It was so nice. did i mention how much i loved having 2 bathrooms. we were on the third story that did scare me a little. you know with me having two little monkeys.

Caleb's first Football game

Today was Caleb's first football game. He was
so excited. He had to be up by 6:45am. We had no
trouble waking him up. He is an x man. He is an x man because
he weighs over 92lbs. Since he is an x man he can not
carry the ball. He plays defence. If for once isn't the biggest kid out
there. It was hard trying to find him. I have always looked for
the biggest kid on the field. He had fun.
All of Caleb's football fans

caleb in a Play

caleb coming back from a play he is in front of #40

caleb getting a drink