Friday, October 30, 2009

Jealous of my kids.

I am so jealous of my kids. In more ways than one, but this time of year I am jealous because they get candy. Not that I want that much candy. There is something about going trick or treating that is just thrilling to me.

My husband's work had a trick or treating party at his work. 2 building of trick or treating.

My kids where done trick or treating after about half of the first building.

They were done. I wanted to keep going.

Don't you want more candy. I ask.

No they were done.

I don't think that a 5 gallon ice cream bucket is enough Halloween candy.(At least there is tomorrow too.)

So on the way to our friends house I was like I am so jealous of you kids. I wish that I had my own bucket of candy.

You should have heard my kids giving me the lecture about to much candy. It was quite funny.

My response was it is not about the candy it is about getting the candy.

For a moment I wish I was a kid again. The kid in me at time just wants to come out and play.

So if I ever come to your house to trick or treat just indulge me and give me some candy. If you are ever on a float and I am screaming "I want candy" just through the candy. If you are ever a waiter/waitress at a restaurant and I tell you it is my birthday I am telling you because I want you to sing to me. So sing to me.

Anyone else ever jealous of your kids?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This Morning

Today started at 9:11 am. Late I know. My alarm did not go off or maybe I was just sleeping so well on the guest bed with Joshua because he decided to get up at 3:00am.

School starts at 9:00am. Yes my kids were late to school this morning. As we are getting ready Marysa sees the calendar on the fridge and says Thanksgiving is on the 26th of November.

I reply why yes it is.

Marysa well are we going to go to Grandma Cameron's for Thanksgiving?

I reply I don't know.

With desperation in her voice she replies but You don't know how to cook a turkey.

I reply I know how

Marysa: Oh

So already today my cooking skills are question.

We live maybe 200 yards from the school. Marysa does not like to go to school late she does not like everyone staring at her when she walks in late. I really just wanted them to walk to school like they always do. However Marysa would not go unless I walked down with her.

It is a cold morning and I did not feel (lazy) like walking in the cold with 4 kids 200 yards to the school. So I load the kids in the car which we are not driving because the registration has not renewed. SO Andrew had the van, because I was not going to "need" it today. Anyways I had to move the fence over so we could back out the car so I could take them to school. I tried and tried and I could not get that fence to move.

Caleb ask mom I will try and open it.

I reply well I think it is stuck because of the cold weather.

Caleb: I will try anyway.

Guess what he opened it up like it was the easiest thing in the world to open. So now my 9 year old proves to me he is stronger than me. I knew one day my boys would become stronger than me but at 9 come on. His feet are already bigger than mine and he is only about 5 inches shorter than I am.

I should look on the bright side and realize I have another strong man in my life to look out for me.

I just realized that I did not give them lunch money so I need to once again get in the expired car, because it is too cold (lazy) and take the lunch money to my kids.

Maybe this time I will put a bra on.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

My 30th Birthday

Today at 4:43 am I turned 30. I can't still believe where have the last 30 years gone. I have been nervous to turn 30 not sure why.

My 29th year has not been the best year for me. I have had parents move, friends move, and brothers move (My sister had already moved). I got strep throat last October. From January to April one kid was sick after the other. Andrew had kidney stones twice. I think the saddest of all was losing my baby.

We have a had some good things happen. We were able to buy our first house. I won't lie I feel cheated because I have longed for a house and I finally get one and it is over shadowed by the miscarriage. As happy I was about getting our house the pain I felt form losing my baby was stronger.

Anyways I had a wonderful Birthday. My Dad and sister Amber surprised me with a visit. My Dad lives in Texas my sister Idaho. It was a present from my sister Amy who lives in Spain. I had a wonderful time with them. We ate ice cream, took a walk, ate pizza, took a drive up Nebo Canyon. My sister and I on Saturday went to Chile's for a girls night out.

On Sunday My Dad and Sister wanted me to go up and see my Grandma and my Aunts and Uncles and Cousins. I said sure. When I arrived my family was waiting for me they through me a surprised birthday party. I was very surprised. I love my extended family very much. They where worried about me and wanted to let me know they loved me and so they through me a party. I am indeed very loved. One sad thing did happen after the party, I had to say goodbye to my Dad and sister Amber. They had to go back to Idaho. I will miss them very much.

We ended the day by going to my mother in laws house for dinner. It was a birthday celebration for my husband and I. My husbands birthday is on October 9. A quick side note we have the exact same numbers in our birthdays. Mine is 10-4-1979 and his is 10-9-1974. If you can't do the math fast enough my husband will be turning 35. My mother in law made enchiladas they were very good. She also made this very yummy peach dessert.

Thank you to everyone who made this a wonderful birthday. I think I am ready for what my thirties will bring.