Thursday, November 22, 2012

Azalea is 7.

Azalea turned 7 on November 17th.  She had a great birthday.  I am so grateful she is my daughter.  Azalea was a long awaited for.  It took me  two years to get pregnant with her.  She is everything.    She has one of the kindest hearts.  She knows when I am sad and will write me "I Love you Mom " notes.  

Today I took her to get a present with the $10 dollars her Grandma and Grandpa Tolman gave her for her birthday.  We went to the dollar store.  She was so kind.  She bought something for her brothers and sister.  Even our cat Lady.  I told her she didn't have to, that the money was hers and to get whatever she wanted.  
Azalea said that she wanted to get her brothers and sister something.  She amazes me.  

Azalea loves butterflies.  She loves all animals.   When I took her to the dollar store today she picked out a nest with fake eggs in it.  She loves, loves animals, bugs.  One of her favorite animals is a snake.  Her absolute favorite animal is a horse.   

                                                        Azalea's eyes are beautiful.

This picture was taken at Devil's Garden.  She loved it.  She ran all over the place.  The rocks where huge she would just run and jump.  At times it scared me so much.   She was in heaven.

I took her and Joshua up Santaquin Canyon.  She loved being there.  Again she was all over the place.  We spent about 3 hours up there and she never complained.  She loves being out doors.

She collected so many leaves this year.  She loved every leaf.  She sees their beauty.

I am so blessed to be her mom.  She someday's drives me crazy, but she is forgiving, she is kind, she is helpful, she shows compassion, and she is amazing.