Friday, May 24, 2013

Birthday Month.

It is birthday month at our house.  3 of my 5 kids birthdays are in May.

Joshua Keith turned 6 this past Sunday.  He was born at 4:45am on May 19th 2007.  Joshua still likes to suck his finger and twist his hair while he is sucking his finger.  He may not read very well yet but he can watch you do one thing on the computer and than do it himself.
                                               Joshua saw me do this picture for him.
Josh went and did this picture all by himself.  His sister did help him spell the words.  Joshua started from the beginning.  He got himself on the internet found Ipiccy.  He did this all by himself.   He is like his dad and he just gets the computer.  He still loves to sit on my lap.  He loves watermelon.  He loves get a  quick ride from his Grandpa Ottosen's  motorcycle. 

Caleb Nephi turns 13 today.  He was born at 4:19am on May 24, 2000.  I still can not believe that I am officially the mother of a teenager.  I do not feel old enough.  He is such a great kid.  He was student of the month in February at his school.  All of his teachers love him.  He helps me out when I need it.  He is taller than me.  It feels like 5 inches but it may be only 2.  He loves BYU.  He struggles with reading but he still loves school.   He is kind to everyone.  Maybe one of the reasons I am somewhat scared of teenage years is because Caleb still has that innocence about him.  He loves playing soccer.  He loves mindcraft on the computer . 
Marysa Madeline turns 11 on May 28.  She was born at 11:37am on May 28th 2002.  She was 4 days over due.  She was due on her brother Caleb's birthday.  Marysa is beautiful.  I look at her and think sometimes how can I be her mom when she is so pretty and I just average.  She loves soccer, and basketball.  I was her coach this year for basketball and soccer only soccer because no other parent would do it.  Basketball because I love basketball.  She reads really, really well.  Her favorite book to read right know the Twilight series.  Boys are starting to really like her, and she is starting to like boys.  Like, like each other.  I am so not ready for this.  She loves to sing.  I think she is pretty good at it too.  She is a great baby sitter. 
It may not be their birthday's but because I have not posted here in six months  here is a picture of Eli and Azalea.
                                                            Eli will be 3 in August


Azalea is 7 1/2
My kids mean the world to me.  I love being their mom.  I feel so blessed and grateful for them.  They are my everything.  I tell my kids all the time how glad I am that I get to be their mom.  I love watching them grow.  I love watching them learn.  I love watching them become who they are, what they love.   The last 9 months have been hard, because I have miscarried twice.  But these kids they keep me going.  They feel my heart.