Friday, September 9, 2011

Eli turns one (better late than never)

Eli I guess it is better late than never to talk to you about you turning one.  You have only been one for 3 weeks.  You can't blame me. Right after you turned one your brothers and sisters started school.  It has been crazy.  Would not have it any other way though.

Wow Eli I can not believe you are already one.  We have had so much fun.  We all love you so much.
You have grown so much in your first year of life.  You learned to smile, to sit all by yourself, to crawl, to walk. At one you are still nursing.  You love walking.  I swear you are either walking or sleeping.   You LOVE to be out side.
We had a family birthday party for you.  Many people who loved you showed up. Some where not able to come like Grandma and Grandpa Tolman because they live in Texas.  So sad. 
You loved your birthday cake you had so much fun playing in with it.  The cake got all over.  Thank goodness we were outside.  Out of all your siblings I think you had the most fun with your very own first birthday cake. You get your very own birthday cake on your first birthday. 

Eli exploring the world around him

Like I have already said you LOVE to be outside.  You are constantly exploring.  Getting into things.  Seeing how things work. Climbing on anything and everything. You even try to climb fences. I need to keep my on you at all times.  You really scared me about 2 weeks ago.  You where on the grass playing and I was working in the garden.  I looked up and you were gone.  You had managed to walk the up the little hill and walk down the drive way and you were on your way to the road.  You were going after Josh and Azalea.  You sure do move fast.   Being outside makes you happy you could spend hours outside just looking to see this how this amazing earth works.  I sometimes think that you like being outside more than you like me.  You could be upset but once you are outside you are happy.

Playing while at Marysa's soccer game

Playing with the umbrella at Caleb's soccer game.  
All of your older brothers and sisters are playing soccer right now.   You have just as much fun at there games as they do.  You are all over.  Daddy and I take turns watching you while your brothers and sisters play.  There is a softball field next to the soccer field.  You love playing in the dirt.  You love running to the bases.  You love laying on the bases.  You are just content because you are outside.

I can not tell you enough how much we all love you.  And how happy we are that you are part of this family.  You make us smile.

Even though it is late

Happy Birthday Eli